Compounding Pharmacy for Menopause Treatments

While menopause is not an illness, it still is often characterized by a long list of hindering symptoms that a compounding pharmacy can help to relieve. In order to experience less discomfort during this natural time of your life, you should seek out our holistic treatments for the symptoms associated with menopause.

Menopause is a Natural Change and We Can Make it Smoother

Menopause occurs at a point in every woman’s life, specifically following the absence of a menstrual period for 12 months when the estrogen levels in the body are drastically reduced. Menopause is typically characterized by an increase in hormonal related depression and irritability, hot flashes and night sweats, abnormal vaginal bleeding and dryness, low libido, and sleep deprivation or daytime tiredness. Most women experience menopause after age 40. While keeping a healthy lifestyle and eating a balanced diet will help with the relief of these symptoms, you may be interested in additional natural treatment methods to reduce the severances of them. Since the likelihood of heart disease, osteoporosis, glaucoma, cancer, and Alzheimers disease increases during this time in a woman’s life, treatments from our compounding pharmacy is recommended as it could decrease these risks and improve your emotional and hormonal balance.

Treatment Options for Menopause

  • Menopause supplements: Our compounding pharmacy typically encourages patients to try natural menopause supplements before other treatment options. Since many women feel lethargic and depressed during menopause, supplements like vitamins and minerals and natural herbs that increase energy and improve your sense of wellbeing can counteract these symptoms.
  • BHRT: Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is also strongly recommended. The sudden decrease in estrogen during menopause can cause drastic changes, and while this natural process will need to occur at some point in time, BHRT can help it taper off more gently. Since bioidentical hormones are prescribed to meet your individual needs, you won’t be receiving a commercial product that may not be the exact dose you need during this time.
  • Diet and lifestyle changes: If you are wary of supplements and BHRT, we can provide you with tips on diet and lifestyle changes that will improve your energy and discomfort in the most natural ways possible.

Individualized, Quality Menopause Treatment

As a compounding pharmacy, we use methods that are safe, effective, and work at a deeper level to improve your health for years. Share this blog with friends or comment below to join a community that believes in holistic healing for the individual.