Common Losses Caused by Motor Vehicle Accidents

There are many different motor vehicle accident losses, and a good car accident attorney can help the victim recover these losses. The actual losses incurred would depend on the magnitude of the crash, number of people involved in the accident, type of accident, and so on.

Irrespective of the crash details, there are quite a few common but major setbacks likely to arise from such accidents. Let’s take a brief look at them. But first, let’s briefly discuss what leads to such accidents.

Accident Causes

Motor vehicle accidents ( have been a thing for several decades. Despite major advancements in auto safety standards, injuries and fatalities have never significantly subsided.

This is primarily due to human mistakes. In fact, the five leading motor vehicle accident causes are distracted driving, sleepy driving, drunk driving, reckless speeding, and aggressive driving.

A majority of the causes of such accidents can be easily prevented. Drivers using smart devices while behind the wheel are consciously endangering themselves, fellow motorists, and pedestrians on the road. Driving while intoxicated or exhausted is possibly the most irresponsible a driver can be.  

Physical Injuries

Injuries relating to motor vehicle accidents range from fatal to minor. As mentioned, the type of accident determines the consequences. The majority of these accidents are rear-enders. Neck injuries, therefore, are likely. The injury could be a neck strain or major whiplash.

Accidents that entail shattered glass, fires, and oil spills can cause disfigurement and scarring. Quite often, victims experience face burns and lacerations, leading to deep scars. Scars, particularly facial scars, could significantly hurt an individual’s confidence and self-esteem. Scarring or damaging the muscles or nerves could also hurt motor control functions. Auto accident scars could be caused by burns, cuts, and nerve damage.

Fractured and broken bones are common in major car accidents. A serious accident, for instance, could be a multiple-vehicle collision or a vehicle rollover. Broken bones are particularly scary because they could be underpinning multiple internal injuries that could be hard to treat. For example, people with broken ribs could have their lungs punctured.

Some of the other physical injuries include injuries to the legs, arms, feet, and hands. Accidents entailing pedestrians could lead to foot and leg damages, besides all the aforementioned.

Motorcyclists could suffer significantly and incur several and more serious injuries. These could include ligament damage, broken bones, and also severed limbs. Motorcyclists’ fatality rate is also higher compared to car drivers and passengers.

Emotional distress is also common after a car accident. A serious car crash could emotionally scar people, including the ones who suffered injuries and the ones who witnessed the action.

Loss of Job and Earning Potential

Post motor vehicle accident, all the physical injuries incurred could result in loss of earning capacity. This could also be an inability to work because of physical therapy (, hospital time, mobility issues, and other factors that could hinder your earning capacity.

Loss of Companionship

The injuries caused by a car crash can strain a marriage or other personal relationship ( This is particularly the case if the accident caused permanent physical or mental disability. A married individual post accident may have a hard time leading a normal married life. His or her ability to exhibit affection, which includes sexual activity, referred to as loss of consortium in legal terms, could be a major setback. Unlike other losses, loss of companionship or affection is hard to quantify or put a value on.